E-learning dedicated to clinical anatomy
A series of resources developed by the Dept. of Anatomy & Embryology,
Leiden University Medical Center, the Netherlands.

Paul Gobée, Daniël Jansma, Beerend Hierck en Marco DeRuiter

Resources for the MOOC
Anatomy of the abdomen and pelvis: a journey from basis to clinic

Interactive tutorials in Gross, Microscopic & Postgraduate Anatomy
  • interactive approach
    ”like a teacher posing stimulating questions and responding to the student’s answers, allowing students to learn by trial and error”
  • highly visual presentation
  • aimed at clinical anatomy
Anatomical Terms
  • translation of anatomical terms: Latin, English, eponyms, vice versa, etc.
    Over 30.000 terms, ~ 95% of all terms in Terminologia Anatomica
  • easy search
  • automated image & document search

Visible Human Browser
  • Scroll body-sections in 3 interconnected axes
  • Optimized for use on the Web

3D : OAH webviewer
  • Required: modern browser like Chrome / Firefox / Safari / IE 11 & laptop/desktop with a decent graphics card. Other devices might work.

    The OAH webviewer was made by Cees-Willem Hofstede and Noeska Smit (TU Delft) and features a 3D model of the pelvis segmented by Annelot Kraima (LUMC) based on data from the Visible Korean Female set.

    Paper: The Online Anatomical Human: Web-based Anatomy Education. Noeska Smit, Cees-Willem Hofstede, Annelot Kraima, Daniel Jansma, Marco deRuiter, Elmar Eisemann and Anna Vilanova. Eurographics Education Papers 2016